Best thing I ever did for my golf game…


So I was recently blessed to have a friend and her family fly me up to Boone, North Carolina. While we were up there I discovered the secret to my golf game. Just take a 14 year hiatus.

The last time my dad took me golfing, I could barely reach the golf cart pedals with my feet. Some how (I’m sure there were some puppy dog eyes and “Oh daddy please!!!) I was  allowed to drive. Little did we know that day would be the start of my deserters driving career. (those who know me know its true… sadly… it’s true). That poor azalea bush had no idea what it was in-store that day. Off the path and down the steep hill with Stand the man the Billboard man (one of my Dad’s good friends, this was our first and last golf outing with Stan…….)  and into the fragrant embrace of the azalea bush. Beside that traumatic experience the rest of the day was spent frustrated as I hit my ball, as hard as I could grip tight-head down-knees bent-follow through in mind. And wouldn’t you know it that little white devil (I was so excited this trip when I was handed bright pink balls to play with 🙂 ) about 20 feet… Yup I said feet. Not yards. I was the girl who DOMINATED all sport and even gave most of the boys a run for their money! But this is white ball of evil I could not move. 

So that was my last memory of golf… Here I am many many years later prepare for the worst. Made sure to load the golf cart up with the infamous aiming juice my Dad swears by …beer. So skip forward to the driving rang. I start with a 7. took me 4 swings to make contact with the ball… I was prepared for a long day at this point. My friends mom take some time and works with me, give me a few pointers. One by one the balls are getting higher and farther. So I finally grab my driver… the scariest club to me. I set my ball up  get my grip-head down-knee bent-eye on the ball and WHAM! I hit that ball so hard and hard that everyone turned around and, one of the of the family members says I think we have a ringer. All while I am quietly jumping up and down celebrating like a rookie hahaha. I WAS SOLD! Lets go! We ended up, between the 3 ladies playing best ball. Guess what?!?!?!? I was best ball most of the day!! with my longest drive being about 175..YARDS!! yeah baby thats RIGHT yards!! 

So moral of the story… If you want to improve your golf game just take a 14 year hiatus! 

 Long story short. I now am looking for pink golf shoes and some used petite clubs…









About julielnsauer

I am a... graduate (yay SCAD!) ...big dog lover ...daddy's girl ...graphic designer learner ...high heel addict ...perfectionist ...photographer ...lover of bright colors ...painter ...ultimate frisbee player oriented person ...person who sings/dances in my car and doesn't care when people are watching ...sports fan ...lover not a fighter ...paddle boarder ...hard worker ...southern girl ...talker... and listener media addict ...volleyball player is half full typer of girl

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