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Collection of Inventive Urban Art & Cool Street Art

One of the great things about cool street art is how inventive and original it can be.  It can be incredible how some people perceive the world and can create something seemingly out of nothing.  It is the essence of opportunistic art and is often the most quoted and memorable pieces.  Not all of the pieces I have included are created like this but are equally inventive and original.

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mr pilgrim, graffiti artists, urban art, cool street art, inventive urban art.

mr pilgrim, graffiti artists, urban art, cool street art, inventive urban art.

mr pilgrim, graffiti artists, urban art, cool street art, inventive urban art.

mr pilgrim, graffiti artists, urban art, inventive urban art.


mr pilgrim, graffiti artists, urban art, inventive urban art.


Feds: Busted dogfighters earn spot in ‘lowest places in hell’


Ever since I adopted my princess, Tootsie Lou Who, I have been fighting a battle for her. She is a 65lb American Staffordshire Terrier. YUP!! I said it a PITBULL!! These poor dogs are judged on what evil people have trained them to do. It baffles me that people have managed to convince themselves that Pitbulls are aggressive by nature. When in fact they by nature are very loyal loving animals. They are passionately loving animals, that is demonstrated when you watch the ASPCA clip of rescuing these dogs tails waging and  tongues ready to give kisses. I encourage people to learn the truth about these big bundles of love, and no judge them on the horrible things they have forced them to do.

Think about it like this. If you take a child from any family. Rise that child by starving them, beating them, chaining / locking them up, and only reward them when they fight. How do you think that child will behave? These are the things I want people to think about before judging this breed.

Things Tootsie has NEVER done:
Bit a person
Been aggressive towards a person
Attacked another dog or animal (and yes I take her to all the dog parks)

Things Tootsie does:






So please don’t hate the breed hate what people have done their poor innocent souls.

(CNN) — The “lowest places in hell” are reserved for people who force animals to fight, an Alabama district attorney said Monday after announcing that more than 350 pitbulls have been rescued from a massive illegal dogfighting ring.

They rescued 367 pit bull terriers in Alabama and Georgia. Authorities arrested 11 people on Friday for violations of the federal dogfighting and gambling statutes.

Warrants were executed and arrests were made in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Texas. The dogs were taken to temporary shelters in undisclosed locations.

“It’s really a sad day to me and a sad day of affairs in the state of Alabama to have to even indulge in this type of criminal activity and prosecution,” said U.S. Attorney George L. Beck Jr.

“I believe if Dante were alive today and were rewriting ‘The Inferno,’ that the lowest places in hell would be reserved for those who commit cruelty to our animals and to our children.” He was referring to “The Divine Comedy,” the epic poem by Dante Alighieri.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Montgomery, Alabama; the Auburn, Alabama, police; and the FBI teamed up with the Humane Society of the United States and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to investigate the dogfighting and free the canines from captivity.

The result, the ASPCA said, was believed to be the second-largest dogfighting raid in U.S. history.

“Today, we ended the torture of hundreds of abused and neglected dogs,” said Matt Bershadker, president and chief executive officer of the ASPCA.

Many of the dogs appeared emaciated, the ASPCA said.

Smugglers drive Thailand’s grim trade in dog meat

“In one yard, 114 dogs, the majority tethered to heavy chains, sat in 90 degree heat, scratching at fleas, with no fresh water or food visible anywhere on the property. Some appeared to have no access to water at all, and many exhibited wounds, scars and other conditions consistent with dogfighting,” the ASPCA said in a statement.

“Makeshift, filthy doghouses — many improvised from plastic and metal barrels and others made of chipboard with rotting wood floors and rusted metal roofing — provided the only shelter in the sweltering heat and humidity. Some dogs pulled at chains and cables that were tethered to cinder blocks and car tires. A female dog did her best to tend to six puppies, just weeks old, with no food or water, in a pen littered with trash and feces.”

A 30-count federal indictment charges that from 2009 to 2013, the 11 suspects conspired to promote and sponsor dogfighting and to possess, buy, sell, transport and deliver dogs for fighting.

Agents seized $500,000 from dogfighters.

“These defendants were betting between $5,000 and $200,000 on one dogfight,” Beck said.

“These dogfighters abuse, starve and kill their dogs for the supposed ‘fun’ of watching and gambling on a dogfight. Their behavior is deplorable, will not be tolerated, and will be punished to the full extent of the law.”

Beck said the suspects, if convicted, could face “lengthy” prison terms.

Leonid Afremov


I love his use of colors and texture…


Leonid Afremov is a Belarus born, Israeli modern painter who creates unique landscapes, cityscapes and figures using a palette knife rather than a brush to paint.

“I tried different techniques during my career, but I especially fell in love with painting with oil and pallette-knife. Every artwork is the result of long painting process; every canvas is born during the creative search; every painting is full of my inner world. Each of my paintings brings different mood, colors and emotions. I love to express the beauty, harmony and spirit of this world in my paintings. My heart is completely open to art. Thus, I enjoy creating inspired and beautiful paintings from the bottom of my soul. Each of my artworks reflects my feelings, sensitivity, passion, and the music from my soul. True art is alive and inspired by humanity. I believe that art helps us to be free from aggression and depression.”

Leonid Afremov































Copyrighted by Leonid Afremov